How to Practice Spirituality at Work

You’ve got this part of you that stays hidden most of the day. Your spiritual identity. It’s a core part of who you are, but it stays tucked away while you’re at work. Hiding vital parts of yourself can create distance within your relationships and even conflict within yourself if you bury this identity that you love.

So, let’s learn how to close that gap. There are certainly ways you can practice your spirituality at work; it may just look a little different than how you would at home. But don’t let that stop you—your light is needed among your coworkers and even your employer. Don’t be afraid to be you: your whole, authentic self.

Create Your Space

Your office space and work desk say a lot about you. And creating an environment that portrays your spiritual identity is an easy way to share your values with coworkers. Pictures of family, artwork of nature, a bullet journal—all simple ways to declare your spirituality without actually talking about it. 

This will also allow you to practice spiritual habits throughout your workday—because creating a sacred space helps strengthen your connection with God. Your environment can either help feed your soul or diminish its light by the energy it gives off. Consider this the next time you’re at your desk: Is there too much clutter? Do you have uplifting media playing while you work? Your soul takes in your surroundings more than you realize.

Be Open

I attended a choir concert once where the director unapologetically spoke about his faith intertwined with explanations of the songs. Although we did not share the same belief system, I immediately gained respect for this man because of his spiritual confidence. He openly talked about his higher power—and in front of an entire audience! That takes courage and authenticity that you don’t see often in our society. 

If you want greater respect from others, be yourself. Your whole, true, spiritual self. If you’re looking for permission, here you go. Share with the world your thoughts about God and how your daily spiritual exercises add light to your life. Be an example to others by smiling and showing the power of spiritual practices. 

We live in a world that is divided, even though it is human nature to crave peace and unity. It’s easy to shy away from talking about personal things such as spirituality, especially in the workplace. But doing so might just be a step in the right direction to bring light to others that are hurting. To build bridges with others that think differently. And to share the life-changing love that comes from God. 

Respect Others

It’s important to remember that everyone is at a different place on the spiritual spectrum. Someone might be uncomfortable with you sharing a sacred experience you had. Someone else might really value sharing spiritual insights they have had reading a recent book. If you want to connect with others on a spiritual level, meet them where they are. Don’t try to force them to believe the same as you or be demeaning in any way because they are in a different place spiritually. 

I recently came across an organization called Preemptive Love. I was so impressed with their inclusiveness and drive for peace and love, despite cultural and spiritual differences. They suggest five easy steps to learn to respect others, especially regarding their spirituality:

  • Begin with an open mind. The quickest way to shut off relationships and shut down conversations is judging, especially before truly listening. Be willing to see others’ beliefs from their perspective.
  • Look for common ground. “Learn to view everyone you encounter through the lens of love, and then look for ways the two of you can connect on a deeper level” (Preemptive Love). Find something you have in common (this should be easy—you work together!) and go from there. 
  • Listen closely. Stop listening with the intent to respond. Too often we tune out and our brain focuses only on our response. Really, truly listen to the other person and you’ll find your souls connecting quicker than you think!
  • Keep your emotions in check. Your belief system is near and dear to your heart. It’s easy to get passionate when discussing things of spiritual nature. Just make sure to step back or take a break if emotions get out of control. 
  • Seek understanding. “Agreement doesn’t make a relationship. But respecting the other, understanding who they are…that builds connection and trust” (Preemptive Love). Be brave and ask questions. Put aside your prejudices and try to see through the other person’s eyes.

As you apply these simple steps, you’ll develop greater respect for others and vice versa. It’ll be easier to practice spirituality at work because there will be a connection of love and admiration. Don’t be afraid to be the authentic you—but allow others the same courtesy. 

Be brave and join us in this vital spiritual movement. Open your mouth at work. Show your values. And watch as your light positively affects the lives of others.