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December 6, 2021

Skylight Partners With Lower Lights Wisdom

We are pleased to announce our latest partnership with Lower Lights.

We are pleased to announce our latest partnership with Lower Lights, an organization whose mission is to help people flourish through transformative practices and vibrant community. Informed by techniques from the world's meditative traditions, as well as cutting edge research in adult development, Lower Lights has developed practices, even rituals, that seek to address the whole human being, always in relationship to a larger whole.

By partnering with the team at Lower Lights, we at Skylight hope to bring a more dynamic, research-backed offering to our mission of helping people find healing through a connection with the divine. We were drawn to Lower Lights because of its accessible teachings in meditation practices and their unique strategy.  

In their words, Lower Lights draws from two primary approaches that are both informed by the world’s wisdom traditions and supported by the most current scientific research.

Using contemplative practices like meditation, mindfulness, centering prayer, etc., Lower Lights helps people live healthier lives and build healthier communities. This is a call for a chaotic, busy society to come back to stillness and calm—to get back to our innate capacity to directly experience the transcendent. It’s their belief that we live inspired lives full of meaning and a spirit of service towards others when we are engaged in this powerful practice.  

On the other side of the Lower Lights approach is their dedication to scientific research around this practice. Enter adult development. Never before have so many different kinds of people and worldviews co-existed in the same space. Adult development offers us a somewhat shocking look at the very distinct worlds we all inhabit, as well as insight into how we can tread more lightly on one another’s sacred ground. 

With these approaches combined, Lower Lights has built a vibrant community of teachers, students, and healing. To kick off our partnership, we are introducing the Skylight community to a podcast called Mindfulness+. This season of the podcast is hosted by Lower Lights co-founder Thomas McKonkie and explores how mindfulness, when coupled with spirituality, can help us grow and develop into the fullness of what we are meant to become.

Check out Lower Lights here.