About Us

What is “spiritual wellness?”

It’s pretty obvious when your body is feeling good and when it isn’t. Most people recognize changes in their mental health too. But what about our spirits?

Spiritual wellness can seem so subtle that some people ignore it altogether. But those who regularly care for their spirits know the feeling: more love, tranquility, openness and clarity. And researchers are starting to see it as well. The latest studies show that people who regularly care for their spirits experience decreased anxiety and depression, increased resilience and a heightened sense of purpose.

When you take time every day to nurture your spirit, you build your mind and body and feel a more complete sense of wellness. That’s why we created Skylight.

Is this a religion?

No. But Skylight uses practices found in many world religions to help you grow your spirit’s receptiveness and resilience and strength. Whether you’re non-religious, sort of religious, or totally into your religion, we think Skylight can help your spirit thrive.

Will Skylight tell me what to believe?

No. But Skylight builds on a couple spiritual basics: one, that all people are spiritual by nature and, two, that our individual spirits resonate and grow when we “reach out” to others and “reach up” to a higher power. BTW, we call this higher power “God,” because we’ve found that’s what most people prefer. No problem if you use another word.

Who are the people behind Skylight?

We are a small team of creative types and technologists, scattered throughout the U.S., from different religious or non-religious backgrounds. What we all share is this: we’ve each experienced times when we felt spiritually awesome, and other times when it was not so good. Skylight is built for us as much as you. Enjoy the feeling!